Smoothie (1940)

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   More luck, I guess.  This beats my previous 1941 "smoothie."
   Is anybody covering this?  Bon Appetit?  Gourmet? Food Network?  Martha Stewart?  Doesn't the New York Times have a food section?
   "Hot dog" took...let's see......maybe "smoothie" will be corrected about 2010.
   From THIS WEEK magazine, NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 23 June 1940, pg. 14, col. 1:

_If you like cooking shortcuts in summer,_
_use a liquefier-blender to whirl together_
_superb soups, beverages and desserts_

by Mabel Stegner

   IF YOU'VE envied the smart luncheon bars whose menus take off with sophisticated garden-fresh, herb flavored vegetable cocktails, you'll be delighted to know that you can make these now at home.
   The new electric blenders, recently come on the market, bring not only these but many other new foods and drinks into your life.  You can develop specialties in punches, sherbets, soups and salad dressings that will give new zest to your hot weather menus.
   How does a blender work?  A sturdy electric motor is housed in the metal base.  The heat resistant glass container has a blending device built into the bottom of the container.  Place the glass container on the base, switch on the electricity, and it blends, whips, creams, mixes or liquefies.  All of these processes take less than two minutes.
   For instance: place a few ounces of milk, fruit juice, tomato juice or any desired liquid in the food container.  Add a banana, or strawberries, or pitted cherries, or diced vegetables.  Place the container on the base, switch on the electricity and in less than a minute out comes a banana milk "smoothie," a fruit nectar, or a raw vegetable cocktail.
(Col. 2--ed.)
   It's only a step from the fruit nectars to sherbets frozen in your mechanical refrigerator, from milk fruit "smoothies" to ice cream mixtures with fruit blended to a velvety, non-crystallizable consistency.

(Recipes for Pineapple Carrot Cocktail, Raspberry Ice Cream, Hollandaise Sauce, Shrimp Mousse, and Raisin-Grape Pie follow--ed.)

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