gill (verb) = laugh

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Wed Aug 8 04:55:47 UTC 2001

>    I have come across a verb "gill" (apparently = "laugh, guffaw") ... Is
>this perhaps a new item for lexicographers or have I overlooked

I've overlooked it too, but it's still around ....

My quick Web search gives two relevant citations; both seem to be fantasy
or science fiction of a sort:

<<Happi smiled and took her offered seat. "You are so gallant, Aoi Chan."
She gilled and motioned him over. "You could sit here as well, honey.">>

<<Sharon started getting younger. "Hehehe" she gilled. She was 12 now ....>>

My best naive guess is that "gill" in these two passages represents a
misunderstanding of "giggle". That doesn't match too well with the Cohen
citation, but I guess if one can err in pronunciation and spelling one can
make a little semantic slip too ....

Perhaps there's a better explanation ....

-- Doug Wilson

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