Bruce Dykes bkd at GRAPHNET.COM
Wed Aug 8 09:19:46 UTC 2001

Well, since the last Korean item to hit the list really missed the mark, how
about this one instead:

"Known also as PC "bahngs," which is Korean for "rooms," these nondescript
storefront businesses provide hourly computer time for customers to check
e-mail, surf the Web, or print out business documents, as did the Internet
cafes of the past. Some are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Here's the full article:

"pc bahng" turns up only four google hits, and there's also "nor-eh-bahng"
for a karaoke room in an asian style karaoke bar. However, just "bahng"
turns up plenty, and much of it game related, as well as the obvious
alternate spelling as "bang".


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