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W. Shakespeare, "Much Ado about Nothing" (1599 I think), Act III, Scene III:

Verg[es]. You have been always called a merciful man, partner.
Dog[berry]. Truly, I would not hang a dog by my will, much more a man who
hath any honesty in him.

Dogberry is the major clown's role in "Much Ado", and his perversions of
language are a significant part of his humor. I wouldn't put much reliance
on this piece of evidence. Here's his parting speech. (Thanks to Project
Gutenberg, -- although with unfortunate forced
word-wrap, which I have corrected here.)

Dog. I leave an arrant knave with your worship, which I beseech
  your worship to correct yourself, for the example of others.
  God keep your worship! I wish your worship well. God restore you
  to health! I humbly give you leave to depart; and if a merry
  meeting may be wish'd, God prohibit it! Come, neighbour.

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