Friday Funnies

Evan Morris words1 at WORD-DETECTIVE.COM
Fri Aug 10 20:41:16 UTC 2001

 From a reader's query:

....periodically, I see some explanation for the origin of a phrase that I
find to be totally absurd, or at least highly unlikely....  I recall being
at George Washington's
birthplace several years ago, where there are folks about demonstrating the
lifestyle of the times.  A woman in colonial garb was demonstrating some
kitchen equipment.  She showed us this device that sat on the floor into
which slices of bread were placed, and the device was placed in front of the
fire.  When the bread was done on one side, one allegedly pushed it with
one's toe, causing it to flip over.  She claimed that this is where we got
the word "toaster"......

Evan Morris
words1 at

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