Seafood Salad (1941)

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   Not in OED.  Google shows thousands of hits.
   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 6 February 1941, pg. 10, col. 6:

   Head of the Chinese factory suggests mixing the noodles in a sea-food salad, advice worth taking, for this young man is a business executive by day but a restaurant manager by night.

NEW FRONTIER (continued)

   "Our Lost Frontier" is an editorial in the NYHT, 20 November 1940, pg. 26, col. 2.
   "NEW FRONTIERS" is in THIS WEEK, NYHT, 1 December 1940, pg. 2, col. 3.


MAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING--THIS WEEK, NYHT, 1 December 1940, pg. 20, col. 2:  "Everybody likes them, and they are always welcomed as a birthday or Christmas gift by the friend 'who has everything.'"

"HAVEN'T I MET YOU SOMEWHERE?"--title of a story in THIS WEEK, NYHT, 22 December 1940, pg. 5.

"THERE'S THAT MAN AGAIN"--title of a story in THIS WEEK, NYHT, 15 December 1940, pg. 8.

LIKE PUTTING MONEY IN THE BANK--featured in a Buick ad, 17 December 1940, pg. 16, cols. 5-8.

GEE!  I WISH I HAD A _REAL_ JOB AGAIN--cartoon caption in the NYHT, 17 October 1940, pg. 30, cols. 5-7.  The "unreal" job is written on a sign as "GOVERNMENT MADE-WORK PROJECT...JUST A BARE LIVING AND NO PROSPECTS."

"LET'S BE GAY!"--title of a story about a radio band program in THIS WEEK, NYHT, 17 November 1940, pg. 4.

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