"Spell the name right"

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   From Lucius Beebe's column in the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 29 March 1941, pg. 16, col. 1:

   ...his greatest charm, for newspaper men especially, is his modern streamlined version of the old attitude: "Say anything you like about me so long as you spell the name right."


TWILIGHT ZONE--NYHT, letters, 20 March 1941, pg. 24, col. 6:  "In spite of the passage of H. R. 1776 we are still in what has come to be known as the 'twilight zone' in our thinking."

SHUT-YOUR-EYES-AND-OPEN-YOUR-MOUTH--NYHT, 20 March 1941, pg. 16, col. 6: "It takes the faith of youth to draw up the first sip, like the old "shut-your-eyes-and-open-your-mouth" affair which might bring a June bug or a lollipop."

EASY AS SHOOTING FISH IN A BUCKET--THIS WEEK magazine, NYHT, 6 April 1941, pg. 5, col. 2:  "'It'll be as easy,' said Mrs. Tupper, 'as shooting fish in a bucket.'"

NEVER SPEAK TO STRANGERS--Title of a story in THIS WEEK, NYHT, 13 April 1941, pg. 9.

FORGET IT!--Title of an essay in THIS WEEK, NYHT, pg. 2, cols. 1-2.

SNAP OUT OF IT!--Not coined by Cher in MOONSTRUCK.  In the NYHT, 12 March 1941, pg. 11, cols. 6-8, an ad for a Bond suit.

"AND PROUD OF IT!"--An essay by Louis Adamic in THIS WEEK, NYHT, 16 March 1941, pg. 2, cols. 1-2.

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