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   "The Beautiful People" is a breaker in Lewis Gannett's review of the Louis Paul novel, THE REVEREND BEN POOL, in the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 24 May 1941, pg. 11, col. 6, which ends:

   We also meet Sedik, the Slovak waiter with a broken Guarneri violin; a dope-addicted doctor, and an alcoholic nurse, and they are all beautiful people.


   Does OED have "jackshit" or "jack shit"?
   This is from the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 28 May 1941, pg. 21, col. 6:

_LaGuardia Insists Counsel_
  _to Citizens Budget Group_
  _Spoke of Getting "Jack"_
   In this letter the Mayor quoted Mr. Riegelman as having said that sensational statements, whether true or false, had to be issued every so often to "pep up your customers" and "get the jack."

(Maybe not the same "jack"--ed.)

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