'fro (verb)

James A. Landau JJJRLandau at AOL.COM
Tue Aug 14 21:47:04 UTC 2001

"Some employers continue to dread ethnic hairdos" in the Atlantic City Press,
August 12, 2001, page G4.  The author is listed as "Chicago Tribune" so this
appears to have been distributed from the Tribune and probably appeared in
other newspapers.

<quote (from column 2)>
Employees who lock, braid, twist, bead, or 'fro their hair said they have
wondered whether their styles might affect their ability to get hired or get
plum assignments or promotions.
<end quote>

" 'fro " obviously means "to put in an Afro".  From context it is fairly
clear that "lock" means "to put in dreadlocks."

      - Jim Landau

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