debate on "you did good"

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Tue Aug 14 21:53:19 UTC 2001

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> The info-childes list (on first language acquisition) has been discussing
>  morphological regularization by children, and the interpretation of phrases
>  like "you did good" came up.

There is Tom Lehrer's line in his song "The Old Dope Pedlar":

  "Doing well by doing good"

where "doing well" in context seems to mean "making a comfortable income"

Seriously, you say "  phrases like "you did good" "
Could you give examples of a couple of other phrases in which children
learning EFL (sorry, English as a First Language) confuse adjectives and
adverbs?  IF "did good" is unique then it would reflect confusion between
adjective "good" and adverb "well" among the older people the child is
learning from.  If it is NOT unique, then it might well indicate a
morphological phenomenon.

       - Jim Landau

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