Query on "rorf"

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Thu Aug 16 12:42:02 UTC 2001

Sounds like "rough," perhaps a blend of this word and "horse (around)".

---Gerald Cohen

>Has anyone encountered this term:
>Rorf, v.i, to indulge in physical horseplay, to scuffle, to push and shove.
>Usu. in combination "rorf around" or in context "stop rorfing around".
>It was a common peice of school-age vocabulary used perhaps 30-35 years ago
>by a friend of mine who was being educated in South Africa. It does not,
>however, appear in Oxford's Dict. of S. African English, nor on any list of
>S.Afr. slang. Nor, although the temptation to do so is there, does he
>believe it to be linked either to Australia's _rort_, used in various
>contexts but primarily meaning to deceive, defraud or hoax or the 19C UK
>_rorty_, boisterous, rowdy; splendid.
>All (any) suggestions gratefully received.
>Jonathon Green

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