debate on "you did good"

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Thu Aug 16 15:25:13 UTC 2001

From: Beverly Flanigan

: I can't at the moment think of another such example of "confusion"
: between adjectives and adverbs.  My point is that there's no
: confusion in intended (or received) meaning with 'good'; the
: adverb 'well' is simply becoming 'good' in more contexts...

How about the fast/quick/quickly thing, as in:

  (a) Pat ran fast.
  (b) Pat's a fast runner.
  (c) Pat ran quick.
  (d) Pat ran quickly.
  (e) *?Pat's a quick runner.

I've heard and used all of (a-d). I don't recall hearning (e), but maybe
someone else knows better--and as far as i can tell, *fastly is right out no
matter what.


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