Monkey dish

James Smith jsmithjamessmith at YAHOO.COM
Thu Aug 16 22:36:32 UTC 2001

"Monkey pod" is a type of wood used to make dishes in
Hawaii, and perhaps other places (maybe its made
elsewhere and sold in Hawaii to tourists).  Serving
dishes and appetizer platters are common forms - could
this be the source of "monkey dishes"?

--- Annabel Greenhill <agrhill at BU.EDU> wrote:
> Is anyone familiar with the expression 'monkey dish'
> (apparently used to
> refer to a dish or platter used for appetizers) who
> might have some
> information on its etymology?  I've consulted a
> variety of dictionaries,
> including the OED and DARE, to no avail.
> Thanks,
> Annabel Greenhill

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