Bre'r; mea culpa

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
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arrrnold could be right that intervocalic and offset /r/ loss are
unrelated (exept in the more general sense of "lenition"). One good
piece of evidence for this is that there appears to be no
implicational relation between them. There are intervocalic
r-deleters from both r-full and r-less offset /r/ varieties.

dInIs Rrr. Preston

>dInIs sez:
>  >This dInIs didn't say nothing [b]out there bein' no loss of /r/
>  >intervocalically. Happens all over the place (in good families).
>this r-ful arnold (ahnold is a different, and much more famous,
>person) also made no claim about intervocalic /r/ loss, which
>he knows a little bit about (and believes to have little to do
>with classic r-lessness, which concerns offset /r/).
>arrrnold (zwicky at

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