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GSCole gscole at ARK.SHIP.EDU
Sat Aug 18 16:51:01 UTC 2001

According to the Wall Street Journal of Friday, 17 August 2001, on p.
B5, the source of the name for the trojan named Code Red is the PepsiCo
soft drink of the same name.

"Ryan Permeh, a programmer at eEye Digital Security . . . and his
colleague were 'inches away' from calling the new virus . . . the
'tequila worm.'  But Code Red, which he had bought 'like six bottles of'
to keep awake through the night, seemed appropriate given what the virus
did. . . ."

Apparently, PepsiCo had considered (pre-release) using the name of Wild
Cherry Mountain Dew, but the Code Red drink now has "global brand
recognition money can't buy."

George Cole  gscole at ark.ship.edu
Shippensburg University

[The author of this note does not own any PepsiCo stock, nor has he even
seen a container of Code Red, except for a few abused computers.]

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