"PC" wrong in Sunday NY TImes

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To the Editor (or Corrections):

   SUNDAY NEW YORK TIMES, 19 August 2001, Business section, "How the Computer Became Personal," pg. 12. col. 6:

   The term "personal computer" was believed to have first appeared in a _Hewlett-Packard_ advertisment for a desktop calculater in 1968.

   As I posted on the American Dialect Society web site in January 2001 (see comments there by Fred Shapiro; "personal computer" was also mentioned in his recent NEW YORK TIMES story):

Your "Personal Computer" for Higher Creativity
Ad for EAI Electronic Associates, Inc.
Long Branch, NJ
May/June 1959, pg. 29

   Yesterday, you published a quotation from an archaeologist that "19th century people didn't record what they had for dinner."  This trashes what I've researched for years.  I wrote a letter to the editor, but I haven't heard back.
   I realize that I've done horrible things, like solve "the Big Apple," and I deserve to be punished for this by the NEW YORK TIMES for the rest of my life, but I don't exactly understand why.

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