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   This shows up before Greek Salad, but you don't see it much after 1950.  It's in Fannie M. Farmer's cookbook (1918).
   For hungry Hungarians out there, this is from THE PORTLAND WOMAN'S EXCHANGE COOK BOOK (1913), Oregon Historical Society Press reprints 1973 and 1987 (introduction by James Beard), pg. 127:

   _Hungarian Salad._
   Mix equal parts of shredded fresh pineapple, bananas cut in pieces and sections of tangerines, and marinate with French dressing.  Fill banana skins with mixture; sprinkle generously with paprika, and arrange on lettuce leaves.


by Edouard de Pomaine
Pholiota Press, Inc., Garden Grove, CA
Originally published in French under the title
"Cuisine Juive: Ghettos Modernes"

   I'll be leaving for Poland on Sunday.  My passport is in the Azerbaijan Embassy, but that's another story.
   I found this book brousing through the Kitchen Arts & Letters bookstore.  The manager told me that the author of this book was not Jewish, and had a bit of an elitist attitude.
    Bialy, bagel, rugelach, knish, and others are not here.

Pg. 66:
*zrazy=ground meat balls stuffed with various mixtures.  A specialty of Poland, Byelorussia and the Ukraine.

Pg. 161:
Everything is then sprinkled with a very spicy sauce called _Merga_ which is simply a strongly-flavored broth, sharpened with plenty of ground red chili pepper.

Pg. 163:
   _Algerian Tafinas_
   Tafina is a cholent-style stew.  It is eaten on Saturday, after having been cooked for 15 hours in the baker's oven. It is yet another variation on an Arab dish called Tadjui ("tadjui" means "soup kettle" in Arabic).
("Tafina" or "dafina" ir not in the OED--ed.)


   The Pastrami Queen, 1269 Lexington Avenue (between 85th and 86th Streets) has:

PLT (Pastrami on Rye Toast w/ Lettuce & Tomato)...9.50

(What, no bacon?--ed.)

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