present for future conditional

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Two more "if (s)he runs, (s)he wins" examples, also in the context of

1. "Technocrat Injects Politics of the Unusual"
Washinton Post
June 1, 1998

A few seasoned politicians crowned Williams as the front-runner yesterday,
saying he speaks most directly to those who yearn for a city government that
works. Kathy Patterson (D-Ward 3) predicted flatly: "If he runs, he wins."

2. "In Case She Wants Some Free Advice"
March 1, 1999
GERALDINE FERRARO, former Congresswoman: As a Democrat, I would love it if
Hillary were to run. Not only is she right on the issues, but if she runs,
she wins--and generates such a large turnout that she helps Democrats in
every race.,8816,20164,00.html

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On NPR last night (about 6:12 pm, 2001-8-21), in a story on Jesse Helms's
retirement announcement, a North Carolinian whose name I didn't catch said
of Elizabeth Dole "I think she wins if she runs", meaning what I would have
said as "I think she'll win if she runs".

I think we had a thread about this a few months back, but iirc that was
mostly or entirely in sports usage.

-- Mark A. Mandel

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