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Parry Popik wrote:

>by Edouard de Pomaine
>Pholiota Press, Inc., Garden Grove, CA
>Originally published in French under the title
"Cuisine Juive: Ghettos Modernes" 1929.
>  I found this book brousing through the Kitchen Arts & Letters bookstore.  The manager told me that the author of this >book was not Jewish, and had a bit of an elitist attitude.

Edouard de Pomiane (real name Pozerski, de Pomiane is a pseudonyme), 1875-1964, professor at the Institut Pasteur and Institut de l'alimentation in Paris, author of around 200 scientific publications, principally on the physiology of digestion, and some twenty books on gastronomy. He was a founding member of the Académie des gastronomes in 1930, and a well-known newspaper chronicler on gastronomic subjects up to his death.
He was born in France by Polish immigrant parents - his father was exiled for participating in the revolution in 1863 - and went to the Polish school in Paris. He had a deep knowledge of Polish and Jewish cuisine, and if he had negative opinions on some sectors of the latter, it was certainly for purely gastronomical reasons.

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