sunshowers (was The Donkeys Are Getting Married)

A. Maberry maberry at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Fri Aug 24 16:30:15 UTC 2001

I vaguely recall the "sunshower" discussion too.
During a sunshower, my grandfather always said that "The devil was beating
his wife." Is this a common German/Prussian/Russian-American saying?

maberry at

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Peter A. McGraw wrote:

> I'm not sure, either, what the post had to do with ADS, but it reminded me
> of a discussion that occurred on the list several years ago.  The topic was
> "sunshowers," and someone was inquiring about folk beliefs connected with
> them.  (A "sunshower," a term I hadn't heard until that query, is a
> rainshower that occurs simultaneously with sunshine.)  There are all sorts
> of events connected with animals that a sunshower is said to indicate.  I
> contributed a recollection from my childhood that "That means it's a
> monkey's birthday."  But as I recall, the majority of the betokened events
> were weddings of various animals (sorry, I've forgotten which animals).

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