"Intense" Lollipops; Popstops; Upscale Packaging

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Fri Aug 24 23:09:11 UTC 2001

   From the WALL STREET JOURNAL, 24 August 2001, pg. B1, col. 2:

_Seeking Broader Market, Candy Makers Aim New Lollipops at Adults_

_Ex-Smokers and Office Workers_
   _Targeted With "Intense" Pops_
   _And Stands to Hold Them_

(Col. 3--ed.)
   Candy makers aren't just targeting kids.  _Day Spring Enterprises_ Inc. the Buffalo, N.Y. maker of Rainbow Pops, last year launched a premium line with "intense flavors," such as Strawberry Parfait and Raspberry Sorbet.  These new pops feature "upscale packaging"--cardboard sleeves around the candy bulb instead of the usual cellophane wrappers emblazoned with a lollipop stick man--and are sold in shops such as Linens 'N Things. (...)
   Day Spring, for instance, recently started selling the "popstop," a plastic stand in which people can rest their pops while they make (Col. 4--ed.) calls or answer e-mail.  "The popstop is to lollipops what the ashtray is to cigarettes," says Jeff Baran, a company sales manager.

(I'm noticing a lot of "intense" and "wicked" and "hard" foods lately--ed.)

(Attached is a "personal computer" reply from the NEW YORK TIMES.  Since the William Safire fiasco last year--where he got everything wrong and made no corrections whatsoever--I'd given up hope on the NEW YORK TIMES.  I won't be so nasty in the future; after years of uncorrected errors such as Barry Popick, I wasn't sure anyone actually read or corrected anything--ed.)
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