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Sun Aug 26 14:21:52 UTC 2001


   From the NEW YORK POST, 26 August 2001, pg. 55, col. 2:

   DeSanctis said that RP/FC (relative price-to-free-cash flow ratio--ed.)works especially where P/E fails, in "growthier" groups like technology and health care.

(Google shows almost 200 hits for "growthier," mainly in this technology stocks area--ed.)


   Paul McFedries' WordSpy has "outernet" to mean the traditional (non-internet) media, but that's changed.  It now means the internet in non-traditional places.
   From BUSINESS2.COM, 26 June 2001, pg. 38:

_The Outernet is Coming_
Screens, screens everywhere--and not a moment to think!

("Alternative outdoor," "interactive kiosks" and "public-access terminals" are also used in the story--ed.)

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