The Donkeys Are Getting Married

L oki okl-word at JUNO.COM
Mon Aug 27 15:03:45 UTC 2001

<<I'm not sure why a post informing us that donkeys are marrying is any
more (or less) appropriate than one noting that George W. Bush is
president. The first make more sense to me (especially if it rains),
but, to avoid insulting coservatives, what's either got to do with
This was in response to a discussion a while back (and now that I think
of it, possibly on a different language-related list) about the phrases
being used in different parts of the world for "sun-showers," the light
showers that fall while the sun is still shining. The coyotes are getting
married (SW-US), the monkeys are getting married (India), the jackels are
getting married (Africa), the devil is getting married (Dutch-US), etc.
(Geographic areas quoted from a very poor memory, so please don't depend
on them).

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