Highlanders' Tea & Frog with Poppy Seeds

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Thu Aug 30 21:37:54 UTC 2001

   Greetings again from Cracow, Poland.  I just got out of Auschwitz.  There are only about 100 Jews left here, but there are many Jewish-style restaurants (we ate at Ariel, with mediocre food but decent hora music).
   A woman from Reading, PA, on the tour with me says that she has a handwritten cookbook in her family from 1887.  I told her that if it has snickerdoodles or brownies or fudge or shoofly pie, it's to die for.  She'll look when we return.

HIGHLANDERS' TEA--Tea with vodka.  My tour guide said we'll have it tomorrow, when we go to the "highlands" of Poland.  There's one interesting Google hit.

FROG WITH POPPY SEEDS (ZABKA ZMAKIEM)--Spotted at a bakery (the Polish probably was written down wrong).  It's a poppy seed cake shaped like a frog....The "elephant ears" here are called "palma."

"POLE CAN DO"--My tour guide said it's a motto of Poland.  I didn't see too many good internet hits, however.

STANDING CELLS (STEHZELLEN)--At Auschwitz.  Cells so small you have to stand.

BERDYTCHOV SOUP--A soup at the Ariel restaurant.

NICE SALAD--One I spotted (with ingredients listed) had tuna, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, sauce.


BULLY INSURANCE--From a story on CNN.  It's insurance against high school bullies.  Not for use against Nazis.

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