"Sky west and crooked"

Linda Sparlin lsparlin at ROLLANET.ORG
Sat Dec 1 07:03:14 UTC 2001

Wondering if anyone has run across the origin of "Sky west and crooked" - to
describe anything out of alignment or scattered or something moving in
disorderly fashion.   For instance:
A hand-drawn line
The part in a little girl's hair
Any hand-crafted effort that turns out less than straight.
A road with many curves and Y's.
Birds (or animals or people) scattering "all sky west and crooked."

In context "It (or They) went all sky west and crooked." or It goes (all)
sky west and crooked."

Commonly used 1940's to her death in 1964, by my grandmother in Tulsa, OK,
(her birth in 1878 was in Whitley County, KY and upbringing in Franklin or
Crawford County, AR, and eastern OK).  Later used by my mother in OK and
greater Kansas City, MO/KS.

Crooked is self explanatory, but where did "sky west" come from?

Linda Sparlin

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