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        I have to admit that when I first saw this email, I was completely
flummoxed by it, to the point of wondering if it were a joke.  I say poLICE
and inSURance, but it was inconceivable to me that Tennessee could be
pronounced any way other than TENnessee, whether or not preceded by
SOUthern.  SouTHERN TenNESsee just didn't sound plausible.  I had to consult
the online American Heritage to realize that some people actually say

John Baker

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> Where would the stress fall in "police car"?  Would
> it be "POlice car"?
> And another one, come to think of it.  How would people
> in these areas say, say, "southern Tennessee"?
> "SOUthern TENnessee"?
> >...the forestressed pronunciation has a long history as a variant
> > in parts of the south and south midlands, along with POlice,
> > TENnessee, INsurance, and a bunch of others.
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