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I more often hear realtors pronounced REEL  a tors.

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> >A semi-related question: does anybody know anything about the
> >pronunciation of "defendant" with fully-realized ash (rather than schwa)
> >in the last syllable? I get the impression it's a Northeast (NYC?)
> >lawyer/police-speak feature, presumably a spelling-pronunciation in
> >origin. I only heard it for the first time a couple of years ago in
> >Falls on Manhattan" (1997), but I'm guessing it's probably been around a
> >while. Is it limited to law-enforcement authorities and legal
> >professionals in certain regions, or...?
> >
> >Ben Fortson
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> This reminds me of a somewhat similar  instance of spelling-pronunciation:
> a bit of radio spam that refers to the National Association of RealtORs.
> assume most people give the last syllable a schwa.....?
> A.Murie
> billionbridges says: "I live 50 kilometres south of Toronto".........on a
> houseboat?

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