"It's my cut"

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I passed this one along to my wife, who worked at various restaurants and
owned a bar (not a "pub" in the sense given, though) here in Chicago until
recently.  Her reply, in pertinent part:

> Most places I've worked at do use cut:  I've just been cut,
> tell Bridget she's about to get cut (like one more table &
> then that's the last one I get).  Occassionally I've heard
> people use it in the present progressive: "I'm cutting now."
> (I'm stopping now)  which I always thought sounded funny
> & never used it myself as either you're cut or you're still
> taking tables...  I've never heard it as described below though.

Hope this helps.

(800someodd kilometers WSW of Toronto)
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Had drinks in a pub on Yonge Street in Toronto
the other day (that would be a "pub" as in an
establishment serving alcohol that intentionally
attempts to mimic the atmosphere and decor
associated with pubs in England - whether they
do it authentically or not over here I can't say - our
Canadian use of the word "pub" is the same as
yours Stateside in this regard) and was asked
by our server if we wouldn't mind paying the bill
up to that point, as it was her "cut".

Her "cut", we inquired further? Did that mean
she was finished her shift?

Yes, she replied.  In the restaurant and bar
industry, according to this server, at least in
Toronto, when one finishes work one says
"it's my cut", or, "I'm getting cut at 11:00."

I live 50 kilometres south of Toronto, and have
never heard this usage before.  Granted, I don't
have much experience in the food serving
industry, but I wonder if other ADS-L members
have ever heard this expression before?

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