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   The menus in New York Technical College's Ursula Schwein Library were most all from the 1980s and 1990s.  I looked through most of them in a few hours.
   You have to get past the guards to get into the building, go to the fourth floor, and then get approval again to enter the library...And then five people came up to me and thought I worked there.


   C.M.P.--a sundae of Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Peanuts--is on the menu of Betty Brown's, 622 Broadway (1987).
   A web search shows that it's popular in Pennsylvania.  Heisler's Cloverleaf Dairy claims to have registered CMP, but I couldn't find it in the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office.

TURTLE CANDY (continued)

   We discussed this last year.  Nestle's, at www.nestlenewbiz.com/producs/confecions/turtles.html, claims it's been around 70 years.
   The USPTO has a Nestle's/DeMet's Inc. filing claiming first use on February 7, 1945.  It's No. 71481318.


   There were a lot of similar Italian 1980s menus.  Unfortunately, many of the menus were not dated.  Those "tiramisu" were useless.
   IL CORTILE, 125 Mulberry Street, has a menu from 1980 but "Prices listed are from 1979."

Penne con Rugda... 7.50
Z-T con zucchini al Forno... 9.00
(Interesting "Z-T" for "ziti"--ed.)

   From FIORELLO'S menu, September 1983:

Penne Carbonara... 9.50
(with Italian Bacon, Scallions, Olive Oil and Egg)


   A Feb. 1, 1985 menu from CROISSANT AND CO., 200 West 57th Street, has "Croissandwiches."  USPTO records show Sara Lee/Burger King registering "croissan'wich" and "croissandwich" with a first use of 19830926.
   Also on the menu is "New, Palmiers (Rabbit ears)  1.15."


   "Georgia Salad" is on several Gage & Tollner menus.  This Brooklyn institution goes back to 1879.  The first G&T menu (undated) offers Georgia Salad for 20 cents; "Gold Seal" 1916 is on the drink portion of the menu.


   The menu for P. CEE'S, 161-50 Crossbay Boulevard, Howard Beach, from 1984 has:

SANKACHINEO (steam milk with Sanka)
MOCHACHINO  (steamed cocoa with Espresso)


   PICCIOLO (established 1936), 2nd Street and Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, has a menu with photos of the restaurant in 1936 through 1970.  It was one of Miami's first and largest Italian restaurants.  The undated menu is probably from about 1970.

SURF & TURF  Filet Mignon & Lobster  10.95
(1/2 Steamed Milk + 1/2 Espresso, Anisette Liqueur, Whipped Cream topped with Stregga) 2.50

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