"Little Italy"

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Tue Dec 4 15:55:31 UTC 2001

A quick search of MOA Cornell finds "Little Italy" in NYC mentioned in
The North American review, September 1891, 153 #418, in Mrs. Mary A.
Livermore's Cooperative Womanhood in the State, p.293.


Robert Louis Stevenson is one of the authors of a comment, in The
Wrecker about the Little Italy area of San Francisco, in 1891,
Scribner's magazine, 10 #4 (October), p.429.


The "Little Italy" of Ellis Island is mentioned in at least two MOA
Cornell sources.

The concept of a room being a "little Italy", in Boston, is presented in
The Atlantic monthly, 23 #138, April 1969, in W. D. Howell's Doorstep
Acquaintance, on p.485.

"as we had made a little Italy together"


Most of the other sources presented at MOA Cornell are from the 1890s.
I didn't check all of them.

George Cole
Shippensburg University

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