more on "linguistic profiling" as WOTY candidate

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Dec 8 02:13:07 UTC 2001

If anyone wants to take the "test" at the web site I
mentioned (during the Thursday broadcast), it's at this URL:

When Voice Recognition Leads to Bias

A little additional investigation indicates that this might indeed be
a candidate for the brand-spanking new category.  No hits at all on
"linguistic profiling" on Nexis, and most of the google ones point
directly back to the ABC story or to other, irrelevant uses of the
expression (rather than the one spun off from "racial profiling" at
issue here).  Linguist List had a brief discussion of the expression
last September, which was inspired by a mention on NPR in either late
August or early September (2001), so unless there's an earlier use
around somewhere, it looks like a good candidate, and with the
possibility of extension to contexts of "profiling" native Arabic
speakers of English rather than for purposes of "traditional" racial
discrimination, it may have a future.


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