173 Pre-Prohibition Cocktails (1917; 2001)

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Thu Dec 13 06:24:53 UTC 2001

By Tom Bullock, 1917
Howling at the Moon Press (www.howling1.com), Jenks, OK
112 pages, paperback, $14.95

   I discussed this book with Andy Smith at lunch.  The 1917 cocktails are here, but much 2001 drink and photo padding is added.  It's very difficult to tell one from the other, and certainly impossible to cite a 1917 page number (from Bullock's THE IDEAL BARTENDER).
   "Behind Tom Bullock's Bar," the new padding on pages 83-103, explains (incompletely and often incorrectly) such things as "cocktail."
   The drink names offer no real surprises.  A "Black Cow" (pg. 27) of cream and sarsaparilla is perhaps the only useful item.
   I was looking for "Mojito" and "Cuba Libre" in preparation for my Cuba trip, but they're not here.  Thanks to Jesse Sheidlower, I paid a ridiculous amount for POKER, SMOKE AND OTHER THINGS (1907), and I'll see if they're in that book.
   "Cuba Libre" from Basil Woon's WHEN IT'S _COCKTAIL TIME_ IN CUBA (1928) is posted in the archives.
   There's also this "Cuba libra," from TRAVEL magazine, March 1937, pg. 32, col. 3 (I was looking for Key Lime Pie in this Key West article):

   If you speak nicely to them, and perhaps suggest a _Cuba libra_ (Key West's most popular drink), they (Pg. 33, Col. 1--ed.) will entertain you by talking about their city or by dancing.

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