Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Dec 15 08:58:39 UTC 2001

At 12:04 PM -0800 12/15/01, Lisa Wittenberg Hillyard wrote:
>Blessed as a verb is /blEst/
>Blessed as an adjective is /blEs ed/
>Are there other examples of this process?
>One gets kissed /kist/ under the holly sprig.
>*He was the first kissed /kis ed/ guest.
>They bussed /bust/ the troops to the city.
>*The bussed /bus ed/ troups arrived at noon.
Not quite the  same, but EVENING (three syllables) as a verb
("evening out the results/batter") vs. EV'NING (two syllables) as a
noun ("spend an evening out").

Some posters earlier wrote about "striped" /strayp ed/ in your
transcription system (two syllables), and I seem to recall (though
I'm not going to check the archive at the moment) that for a subset
of them not ALL instances of "striped" had the extra
syllable--strip-ed (bisyll.) kitty vs. striped (monosyll.)
toothpaste, perhaps?  For us Noo Yawkuhs, they're all /straypt/.


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