Barney Gallant & Greenwich Village

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   From the NEW YORK TIMES, 24 June 1968, pg. 37, col. 1:

_Bequests Recall Barney Gallant and Prohibition_
   A half dozen small bequests to New York friends have disclosed the death of Barney Gallant, whose Greenwich Village speakeasies and night clubs spiced the city's life from Prohibition days through the mid-1940's.
   Mr. Gallant died March 16 in Miami, and is buried there in Star of David Cemetery.  He would have been 84 years old on May 1.
(He never married...Simon & Schuster was going to publish his memoirs, but never did...Barney--real name Bernard--came to this country from Riga in 1903...He managed the Greenwich Village Theater and put on "The Greenwich Village Follies."  He also staged a SInclair Lewis short story, "Hobohemia"...The Greenwich Village Inn was at Sheridan Square.. Barney Gallant's was at West Third Street, and the Washington Square Club was at 19 Washington Square.  His best known spot was 86 University Place...I hope George Thompson is writing this all down for a bio--ed.)


July 1941, pg. 28, "The Vanishing Village" by Barney Gallant.  "Here begins the story of fabulous Greenwich Village tucked away in the heart of Manhattan, where free souls made literary and artistic history--and headlines.  The author knew them all, the experimenters of yesterday who are the great names of today, and here relates with color and verve the saga of America's only Bohemia.

August 1941, pg. 48.
September 1941, pg. 43.

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