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I understand your feel for these, but I am sure that for me succeeded
is unquestionably ironic but managed is not.


>At 3:26 PM -0500 12/19/01, Dennis R. Preston wrote:
>>I'm mostly in agreement so far, but "managed to": does not for me
>>imply intending or trying. Sentences like "Well, you managed to go
>>get yourself in trouble again" imply that you have been inattentive,
>>imprudent, etc...., but not that you set out to get yourself in
>>trouble. Maybe originally ironic, but I doubt if that obtains now in
>>this construction.
>For me, the ironic sense is still palpable in those cases.  I could
>live with "succeeded in Ving" rather than "managed to V" if the irony
>hasn't frozen with the former for you.  For me, "He managed to get
>the clap" and "He succeeded in getting the clap" are both pretty

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