Waldorf Salad (1895)

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Not so. At least not universally,. In Caribbean Spanish several
jokes, metaphors, and slang items hinge on "hole-poking" for
"shtupping." (A Cuban once found me very dense for not getting the
analogy with "ventilate" in exactly this sense, although, in my
defense, it also took imagining the penis as the number 7, which I
still have some difficulty with.)


>At 11:26 AM -0500 12/20/01, Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
>>    _Answer._
>>    MATSOS.
>>    (...)(Col. 2--ed.)
>>    ...the inspector (or "Shomer" as  he is called)....
>>    The "matso"...is placed upon a large plate, "docked" all over
>>with small holes (or, as the workmen themselves call it,
>>"Shtuppelled,") and immediately "skived" or cut into cakes of the
>>desired size.
>Now THERE's a job:  a matzo-shtuppeller.  I guess if there are all
>those slurs derived for words for the male organ (shmucks, dorks,
>putzes,...), there might as well be a verbal derivation from the
>corresponding verb (to shtup), although one doesn't necessarily
>conceive of the relevant action as hole-making, exactly.

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