Gay (Winchell, 1933)(continued)

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Sat Dec 29 23:46:11 UTC 2001

   From the HAVANA EVENING TELEGRAM, Walter Winchell´s column, 4 October 1933, pg. 2, col. 2:

   _Of All Things._
   No week, it seems, passes without some heckler pointing out that some of the expressions used here were pilfered from ancient times.  For years now we have employed "go gay" when a new pair of lovers appear on the Broadway scene.  "Soandso and soandso are going gay" is the phrase.
   Comes this bullet from a lad who asserts it may be found in the Bible (Old Testament).  The citation is Baruch VI:9, the Epistle of Jeremy, and the varse is: "And taking gold, as it were, for a virgin who loveth to go gay."
   Things to worry about.

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