"MOTHER FUCKER" transparent? [was: Percentage point--missed word in dictionaries]

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sun Dec 30 22:55:09 UTC 2001

It has been suggested that "love" might be a little different from
"affection". In the context of the book dedication in question, I believe
these words are virtually synonymous. Still, here are a few examples with
"inordinate affection", all without any carnal implications IMHO:

"The Bishop and His Cats", in "The New-England Magazine" (1834):

<<There is, we think, no son or daughter of Adam and Eve absolutely
perfect; and, be it known to the reader that the reverend bishop had one
fault. Charitable, humble, merciful, religious, as he was, he had one
ridiculous fault. This was an inordinate affection for the feline race.
Wild cats, tame cats, Maltese cats, Angora cats; cats, in short, of every
sort and kind found an asylum in his house.>>

"The Blackfeet Indians", in "Appletons' Journal" (1877):

<<Many speeches are made; each brave, first embalming himself in a few
words of feeling eulogy, assures the officer of his inordinate affection
for the white race in general and his person in particular, and avows his
intention of conducting the ensuing trade in a strictly honorable and
orderly manner ....>>

Web discussion of Protestant versus Catholic 'extremisms':

<<Does fanaticism exist amongst these KJV Only and Bible Only groups? Sure,
but nothing more excessive than the inordinate affection that extreme Roman
Catholics exhibit towards the Pope ....>>

-- Doug Wilson

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