ethnic jokes

Duane Campbell dcamp911 at JUNO.COM
Tue Jul 3 21:22:43 UTC 2001

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001 12:46:29 -0400 Beverly Flanigan

>  Telling ethnic jokes on one's own group to one who will
> understand and accept is one thing; telling jokes in public to an
> anonymous
> audience is quite another, and better avoided.

You are absolutely right, of course. I regretted it the moment I hit the
send key. The next morning I told my wife that I was afraid to turn on my
computer, and she immediately said, "Who have you offended now?" She is
Jewish and the chair of a regional diversity project, and after 40 years
she knows my weaknesses.

I am sorry this has belatedly upset the tenuous tranquility of this list.
If anyone wishes to further excoriate me, I would request for the sake of
others on the list that you do it to my personal address.


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