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> The gillygaloo bird lays square eggs so they won't roll away.

I beg to differ.  According to Louis Untermeyer _The Wonderful Adventures of
Paul Bunyan_ New York: The Heritage Press, 1945

     The Pinnacle Hen, true to its name, lived on the top of the mountains.
Big as an ostrich, her peculiarity was that she had only one wing; so she
kept on flying around in circles.  She could steer herself up and down and
sideways, but never in a straight line.  Since she made her nest on the very
peak of the mountain and since she could always perch on a cloud, she was
content.  Besides, she didn't have anywhere to go.
    Another peculiarity about the Pinnacle Hen was that she laid square eggs.
 This was a good and sensible thing, for it prevented them from slipping out
of the nest and rolling down the mountain.

      - Jim Landau

P.S.  Once in college I got up early on Easter Sunday and left Easter baskets
for my friends.  For one of them, a chain smoker, I put a package of
cigarettes in his basket.  Forever after he referred to me as "the Jewish
Easter Bunny who lays square eggs."

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