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Wed Jul 4 20:46:57 UTC 2001

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> It is not my intention (or "determination") to "inflict" them on you - it
>  is my intention to make it clear that I think these messages and the
>  discussion that prompted them are in some way the joint responsibility of
>  all members of this community, not just me. (See Gerald Cohen's thoughtful
>  and sensitive note.) If you ever receive such notes for a similar reason,
>  I hope that you will share them with the relevant community.

Gerald Cohen's idea is an excellent one.  I would suggest that the person who
made the joke be the one to write the letter.
To receive badly written, ill-tempered mail is disagreeable enough, but to be
falsely accused of being a bigot is worse.  I am truly sorry that you have
been maligned by these misinformed people.  Nonetheless, I repeat my earlier
assertion that to forward these unpleasant notes to the list only serves to
fuel the issue.

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