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Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Fri Jul 6 02:43:06 UTC 2001

    I am currently compiling vol. 1 of a dictionary of baseball and
other slang in the sports columns (primarily baseball) of the
newspaper _San Francisco Bulletin_, Feb. through May 1913. Most of
the terms I've come across are now clear to me, but there are some 12
items for which I draw a blank.

    The first one is "cheese hound." The context in which it appears
is nonsensical, and the term may have simply been made up in a
whimsical vein by the writer of the quote below. Still, is anyone
familiar with it? And might there be any rationale to "cheese"
appearing in the term?

     The quote appears on May 31, 1913, p.10, col. 5, in 'Sporting
Tit-Bits by "Mac"':

'Charley Cleaver's great Siberian cheese hound, King C., took much
delight in showing up all comers at the dog show in Dreamland rink
yesterday.  Mr. Cleaver's daring cheese hound has it on all rivals.
Cleaver's pet canine can wag his tail in seven languages, and orders
"ine stein" with all the eclat of a Teuton fully illuminated at a
Schutzenfest.  Mr. Cleaver's canine was recently imported from
Vladivostok.  He is frequently on exhibition at Mr. Cleaver's place
of call on Steiner and Sutter streets.  Cleaver swears by the cheese
hound and is willing to take an affidavit that even his hair is

--Gerald Cohen

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