Icelandic & Danish terms

Duane Campbell dcamp911 at JUNO.COM
Tue Jul 10 02:11:40 UTC 2001

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001 18:40:14 -0700 "A. Maberry"

> Perhaps not in all areas of the Seattle area. Ketchup/Catsup on
> hotdogs
> strikes me as a little bizarre. Ketchup and mustard on a hamburger,
> maybe,
> but on a hotdog? New to me.

In NE Pennsylvania ketchup on hot dogs is standard, preferably with
pickle relish. Mustard is for flatlanders.

Ketchup on scrambled eggs is also common. (I apologize if this rvelation
reaches you when you are eating.)

As Garrrison Keillor will tell you, ketchup is associated with
traditional values and feeling good about yourself. It is the redneck

And for Barry -- ketchup predates the common use of tomatoes as an
edible. Goes back -- and I am talking off the top of my head here -- to a
concoction of pickled oysters. I am sure someone can correct me.


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