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Tue Jul 10 17:44:42 UTC 2001

On Monday the 9th of July, the US Postal Service accepted the burden of about
650 envelopes containing the latest (May 2001) Newsletter of the American
Dialect Society. By first class or air mail, it will go to all ADS members.

This is the smallest issue in the 30-year history of the Newsletter - just
four pages. Why so small? Well, that's all the space needed for the
announcements of coming meetings, and new books, and the ever-intriguing
inquiries from DARE, and a special sale on Kenyon's _American Pronunciation_
(reviewed in the Summer 2001 _American Speech_). Also the worst pun in the
newsletter's history.

No point in chopping down more trees than needed. But we'll have more pages
in the September issue, with its membership list and the full program for the
Annual Meeting.

And by the way, there's a final Call for Papers for that meeting in the
issue, page 3. You've got a month: August 13 is the deadline for proposals.

If you can't wait, or happen to be logged on to the Internet, you can also
read this issue as a PDF document. Just go to the ADS website  and follow the instructions. (Thanks, Grant Barrett!)

And if you're not an ADS member and would really like a hard copy of this
issue and all future ones, you can join ADS by getting in touch with:

Cindy Foltz    cinfoltz at
Journals Fulfillment
Duke University Press
Box 90660
Durham, NC 27708-0660
   phone 1-888-387-5765 or 919-687-3613;  fax 1-919-688-2615

Be ready to pay $35 (for students, $20) for this year's membership, which
includes _American Speech_ and _PADS_ as well as the newsletter. Oh, there's
also a charge of $10 for members outside the U.S. Pretty reasonable, eh? Be
forewarned that next year membership will go to $40.

If you have any questions about the newsletter or ADS membership, let me
know. Happy reading!

- Allan Metcalf:  AAllan at
Executive Secretary

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