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Wed Jul 11 01:04:26 UTC 2001

Hello, I'm Owen Lorion, amateur philologist, erstwhile professional
storyteller, professional cruciverbalist, retired bookkeeper, part-time
poet, and full-time curmudgeon, born in Vancouver, Washington, 51 years
ago, and currently residing in the abode of the adobe, Santa Fe, New

That out of the way, my own little research on the current topic has
turned up multiple variations of the urban legend about the Native
American whose doctor prescribed several gallons of Liptons for his
kidney stones, and who was subsequently found dead in his teepee.
However, since this phrase was transmitted orally by the tour guide in
question, it presents the question of whether it was heard properly.
Could it, indeed, have been intended as T&P? Again searching my
references, with especial concentration on travel-related terms, since
this was in the context of a guided tour, I found that T&P does have such
a meaning: Texas & Pacific Railway! Although, now that I come to think of
it, this does seem a mite unlikely for a term to be used on an island in
the Atlantic, about the size of what a Texan might put in his hip pocket.

But other possibilities present themselves. Perhaps the tour guide is a
fan of "Baywatch," and was actually influenced by all that T&A to make an
allusive reference to resting ones eyes thusly when refering to this rest
stop as a T&P. But here, we're switching A&P in the middle of the
Atlantic in reference to a TV show about beaches on the Pacific, which
could get us right back to Texas again if we're not careful. Which is on
the Gulf of Mexico.

But that's just my opinion.


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