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> Ketchup on scrambled eggs wasn't unheard of where I grew up
> (northeastern Massachusetts), either.  Actually, a friend of mine
> has mentioned that a friend of hers in the Dominican Republic, of
> all places, had her scrambled eggs with ketchup. I'll bet it's a pretty
> widespread practice -- and an understandable one, too, considering
> the insipidness of plain eggs and the incompatibility of most other
> traditional American condiments (mustard, relish, mayo, thousand
> island dressing) with them.

Yes, lots of my (upstate NY) family has eggs w/ ketchup.  I think it's
gross, myself.  But you also have to understand that I come from a family
that puts strawberry jam on macaroni and cheese.  (Which isn't so gross.
You should try it.)

I only put ketchup on hotdogs if there's no A1 sauce around...


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