Steve K. stevek at SHORE.NET
Wed Jul 11 13:47:44 UTC 2001

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Lynne Murphy wrote:

> Yes, lots of my (upstate NY) family has eggs w/ ketchup.  I think it's
> gross, myself.  But you also have to understand that I come from a family
> that puts strawberry jam on macaroni and cheese.  (Which isn't so gross.
> You should try it.)

Having cast aspersions on ketchup, I should note that I put mustard
(preferably French's yellow mustard) on corn and also on pizza.

Please note my *new* email address: stevekl at -- you can start
using it now. (Note the letter l -- it's stevekl). I'll be unsubbing from toward the end of the summer.

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