hi-de hi-de

Tom Kysilko pds at VISI.COM
Wed Jul 11 14:34:12 UTC 2001

A friend found the following use of "hi-de hi-de" as a transitive verb on a
piano roll.  She and I are wonder what it means.  A search of my slang
dictionaries, ADS-L Archives, AltaVista ("to hi-de"), and a direct inquiry
to Gerald Cohen all came up blank.

>Quotation:     "Didn't you even try to hi-de hi-de me?"
>Always thought that yours was such a heart of gold,
>But after I was sold on all the tales you told,
>Didn't you let your kisses turn from hot to cold?
>Was that the human thing to do?
>How you let me fall and how you let me be,
>And when I begged you for a little sympathy,
>Didn't you even try to hi-de hi-de me?
>Was that the human thing to do?
>Song:    Was that the Human Thing to Do?
>Author/composer:       Joe Young and Sammy Fain
>Date:   song written 1931
>       (piano roll issued in December of 1931)

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