Lower Slobbovia.

Mark Odegard markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jul 13 17:19:10 UTC 2001

>From: Lynne Murphy
I wrote:
>>The second factor is the paucity of place names that combine with upper or
>>lower (Upper Volta, now Burkina Faso is about the only one that comes to
>There are certainly a number of 'uppers' in the UK.  My favourite (so far)
>is the nearby Upper Dicker.  (I know of no Lower Dicker.)

I was thinking of something other than city or village names. There's the
Upper East Side, the Lower East Side and Middle Village, of course. For a
nation, you reach for Al Capp's Lower Slobbovia (I wonder what Capp would
have done with Slobbo Milosevich).

As I think about it, I recall that I live in 'the Upper Midwest'. Methinks I
overstated myself somewhat.

But certainly, 'Baja' is unique in English. For Americans it mainly refers
to the peninsula, and not to the two Mexican states occupying it (Baja C.
del Norte/del Sur).
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