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> There are certainly a number of 'uppers' in the UK.  My favourite (so far)
>  is the nearby Upper Dicker.  (I know of no Lower Dicker.)

Look for Nether Wallup (somewhere near Winchester) and its (I think) two
companion towns.

Lower Slobbovia (does anyone remember Al Capp and the L'il Abner comics?)
which I believe was a parody of "Lower Slovenia".  One wonders what Capp
would have done with post-Tito Yugoslavia.

Upper Palatinate (distinct from the Rhenish Palatinate, whose capital was

Upper and Lower Canada.

Upper and Lower Peninsulae of Michigan, generally called simply "UP" and "LP".

     - Jim Landau

PS.  I would like to point out why "Baja" is part of Mexico.  It seems that
back in 1846 the USA and Mexico fought a war.  Mexico lost, and therefore was
required to keep Baja.

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